A really famous person told us that The CroozR e-scooter is all about COOL.

He explained that cool is being able to impress without trying to be impressive

Why is the Croozr so impressive ?

 225x50x8 FAT tubeless tyres. Fat never looked this sexy !

With speeds of up to 35km/h you can’t out run them but all the cheetahs we interviewed were pretty impressed.

Powered by a 60v 1000w BRUSHLESS MOTOR. Because who needs brushes anyway ?

wait there’s more

We aren’t comparing the Croozr to a strong man but it can also lift 150 kg…

Low running costs give you up to 35 km per charge. So why take the expensive golf cart?

So easy to charge you’d think it was a credit card.


Model CRZ2000 aka
from R11950

How do we measure up ?

I’m the ideal choice for estate living and holiday resorts

  • I’m easy to recharge

  • Range of up to 35km (depending on how you ride me)

  • Top speed of 35km/h

  • Stealthily quiet so there’s no trouble when you get home too late from the clubhouse or your BAE

  • Sexy 225x50x8 FAT, tubeless tyres

Well, what are you waiting for ? Just pick a colour and i’m all yours ….

Go on Pick your Favourite


Confused ?

You could show your pet Chameleon the different colour options…. but that would be wrong. We have a better idea.

Book a test drive, and not only will we bring a Croozr to you to try out, we’ll also help you decide which colour brings out your eyes. 

So really there are only two options left..